Give power to your passion!

Your Business is your dream as well as your passion. Take this passion to the next level with easy SME loans from us. Expand your existing business or start a new one, we will always back you up.



Vanilla Income Program

Loan eligibility based on income calculated on the basis of last 3 year’s ITRs filed, or the salary received.


Gross Profit Program

Loan eligibility based on Gross profit calculation in ITR.


Gross Receipt Program

Particularly designed for Self-employed Professionals, the loan eligibility under this product is calculated on the basis of gross receipts.


Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

Loan eligibility calculation is done on the basis of rentals received from the collateral property or any other property.


Banking Program

Loan eligibility is calculated based on banking trends.


Low LTV Program

Loan eligibility is calculated primarily on collateral value.


Liquid Income Program (LIP)

Loan eligibility is based on informal income of the applicant.

Why us


Ease of Process

We at ARGFL believe in the power of process. All our operations right from Loan application to final loan disbursement, are streamlined through a seamless process which results in a hassle-free experience for our customers


Attractive Interest Rates

Our Interest rates are decided post bench marking ourselves with all Major companies in India, which helps us offer one of the most attractive Interest rates to our customers


Trust & Legacy

AnandRathi Group has been fulfilling financial dreams of customers from 25+ years now. More than 4 lakh customers trust our product and services. We have built a legacy of reliability that adds value to all our customer’s lives.